Ph. D. Dinka Zlateva


Marketing has undergone major transformations in the last two decades. Today, people spend most
of their time on the Internet. Big data has changed the business landscape beyond recognition, and
the marketing industry has been hit hardest by these changes. Technological changes give a wide
field for entrepreneurs to operate with ease with a huge amount of data and to make adequately
informed decisions. Large information flows allow easier interpretation of consumer behaviour, which
opens opportunities to understand better customer needs and the maximum adaptation of product
decisions to their requirements. The technological environment has created conditions for marketers
to reach their potential. Today, more than ever, highly targeted messages can be sent to the right
audience. Customer service is a priority for companies, and this puts companies to the test for
systematic market monitoring and adaptation to new technological solutions. The digital age gives an
equal start to all companies. Marketers are well aware of the benefits that the digital environment
offers, because today, it is not important how big you are in business, but how fast and adaptable to
change. The article's main goal is to present how the digital transformation affects the marketing
industry, presenting the benefits provided by the digital environment for business development
through the application of innovative marketing solutions for successful positioning. The main aspects
of big data and their influence in the marketing industry are systematized. The main research methods
in the development are content analysis, the method of analysis and synthesis and the intuitive and
systematic approach.