Ph. D. Lalka Gerasimova Borissova


Persuasiveness is one of the most important skills that can and should be acquired, as this skill is
useful in numerous situations. The ability to persuade and influence others can be the best tool for
achieving planned goals and agreement. The best benefit of knowing about persuasion techniques
in addition to achieving one’s goals will help them understand how marketers and advertisers sell
products and services that no one really needs. Persuasion and influence arguments are classified
as strong, weak, and untenable. Strong arguments are preferable to counteract interlocutor’s weak
ones. The authority of the interlocutor is also important in order to assume their view as correct.
Various other techniques for persuasion and influence are also recommended, as means to the same
end – to achieve the set goals through influence and persuasion on controversial issues by using
strong arguments and authoritative personality.